Launch X-931 was initially installed in Australia and Japan

Date: 2018-12-21
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Are you still uses the 3D wheel aligner while your competitors has the X-931 in hand? It’s said to be the number one high-end equipment. Nowadays, it is not popular in domestic market but also expand in the overseas. Until now, it has successful enter into the Australia market and Japan market.


Let take a view of the scene.


On November, with the aid of Launch service person, the first X-931 Launch Touchless Wheel Aligner was successfully installed in Australia. It just takes you few hours to complete whole installation.


It consist the lift and measurement unit, extremely changes the way to positioning without vehicle-pushing compensation operation. The first impression of this equipment, EASY, HIGHER ACCURACY, HIGH-TECH” came to my mind, one of live audience said. 

Launch X-931 was initially installed in Australia and Japan

This is the reason why some of workshop can grasp the secret of success. They update their equipment with the development of technology. There is a Chinese saying that “time is money”. X-931 can accurately measure automobile the wheel alignment parameters. I’m sure that your customers will be satisfied with your service, because there is no harm to the wheel rim and saves the time for mounting and demounting the wheel clamps.


Another great new is that the Japan follows the trends of diagnostic industry, installing its X-931 on December. The great step was completed by Super Autobacs sunshine KOBE, which is the first company to introduce the X-931 in Japan. The whole installation is very smooth. It is a good choice for professional tire and wheel service shop. By adapting the technology of Laser Imaging, all data can be measured in seconds. 

Launch X-931 was initially installed in Australia and Japan


X-931 will be the priority one in the marketing promotion in 2019; Launch will be committed to popularize the new technology to the world.

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