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PILOT TPMS is a professional diagnostic tool that integrates the passenger vehicle's basic diagnostic functions, common special functions and TPMS sensor activation, reading, learning and programming.

It activates and reads tire pressure information via low-frequency or high-frequency reception signals and resets the TPMS module by OBD interface.

It can achieve full-model, basic-system automotive fault diagnosis, and has 6 kinds of commonly used service and reset functions. It is a brand-new TPMS diagnostic tool with strong competitiveness. 


1.   Support full-system, basic-function diagnosis for most mainstream models

2.   Support automatic VIN identification

3.   Support OBD full functions

4.   Support automatic creation and QR code sharing of diagnostic report

5.   Cover most mainstream models with tire pressure system

6.   Activate all 315MHz/433MHz sensors and do the matching

7.   Perform tire pressure fault diagnosis, including read DTC, clear DTC, etc.

8.   Read, copy and write sensor ID

9.   Read tire pressure data, including pressure, tire temperature, battery state

10.  Wireless programming, unlimited programming

11.  6 kinds of commonly used service and reset functions

PILOT TPMS Parameters

●Display: 5"720P IPS Touch Screen 

●OBD II Port Input Voltage: 9—18V 

●DC Port Input Voltage: 5V

●Battery: 4000mAh

●Storage Temperature: -20℃~70℃ 

●Working Temperature:  -10 ℃~ 50℃ 

●Size: L237.5 X W93.5 X D32 mm 

●Net Weight: 550g 


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