Creader 401
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Creader 401

CR401 is a personal car maintenance tool, providing commonly-used diagnostic functions, color display and is very light. It is an affordable diagnostic tool that helps fix any engine related faults.

CR401 Features

Brand-new process design  

    Color screen, light weight, convenient for carrying

    Connector with unique protection design to prevent fracture

    Striking interface identification, convenient to operate

1. OBD functions

      Read DTCs

      Clear DTCs

      Read dynamic data streams and MIL, read readiness status 

      Read freeze frame data

      Read pending DTCs

      Read permanent DTCs

      Read vehicle information

2. Color graphical display of data streams

3. Built in DTC help information

4. Free PC upgrade via internet

5. Multilingual support

CR401 Parameters

● Screen: 2.4''

● Voltage range: 9~18V

● Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃

● Environment Temperature: -20℃~70℃

● Size: 120X75X20mm

● Weight: < 200g

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