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TLT630A Double Scissor Lift(CE standard configurat

Double Scissor Lift (Rated Capacity: 3Ton)

TLT630A Features

● Standard 3t small double scissor lift .

● In-ground installation type ,without occupying space.

● It's convenient for demounting tyres and repairing chassis with  synchronous hydraulic cylinders assembly.

● The lift features advanced ,deft and reasonable design, durability, and compact layout.

● Anti-explosion safety device makes it stable and reliable operation.

● Travel limit safety device ,protects machine from being damaged.

● All moving points adopt automatic lubricating oil-free bearing for ensuring long lifespan.

● CE certificated.
● The workbench has an extension function.

● The workbench has an extension function.

TLT630A Parameters

● Rated load:3000kg
● Lifting height:1950mm
● Initial height:330mm
● Lifting time:≤60s
● Lowering time:≥20s
● Runway width:520mm
● Runway length:1580~1900mm
● Advised distance between two runways: 800mm
● Overall width:1840mm
● Safety method:Mechanical safety lock + pneumatic release
● Motor power :2. 2kW
● Motor voltage:3 phase/380v or Single phase/220V

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