CAT-501S Auto Transmission Cleaner and Fluid Exchanger
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CAT-501S Auto Transmission Fluid Exchanger and Cleaner

CTA-501S is professional in cleaning the auto transmission with the detergent added and exchanging the auto transmission fluid simultaneously with the engine on when there is pressure difference inside the auto transmission and the pump. It also has the function of auto transmission fluid flow automatical recognization, frequently-used vehicle adding and searching list, fluid exchanging result customerized printing, fluid filter replacement warning. Moreover, with bigger 5 inch display and optional VGA function, the presentation and operation will be more easy and vivid. 

CAT-501S Features    

 Cycle cleaning with detergent 
 Equivalent exchange with high accuracy 
 5 inch display 
 Fluid exchanging result customerized printing 
 Free full set of vehicle connectors upgrading globally 
 Fluid flow automatical recognization 
 Fluid level adjustment 
 Filter replacement warning 
 Optional VGA function 
 Frequently-used vehicle adding and searching list 

CAT-501S Specifications

   Working temperature: 0 ° F~120 ° F/-18 ℃~50 ℃ 
   Working noise:<70dB 
   Working pressure: 86~106kpa 
   Water-proof grade: IP42 
   Filter accuracy5μm 
   Flow speed≥2.2L/1min 
   Fluid tank capacity20L×2 
   Equivalent exchange accuracy±100ml 

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