X-931 Wheel Aligner
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X-931 Wheel Aligner


   1. 2 years of research and development, X-931 acchieved the advanced technology of Laser Imaging

   2. 5 times faster than the traditional 3D Wheel Aligner

   3. Unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation

   4. Without any component touching with the vehicle tire or wheel rim

   5. Unnecessary to mount and demount the Wheel Clamps and the targets

Software interface:

X-931 Wheel Aligner

Measurement Parameters:

Alignement ParametersMeasurement Range
Total Toe-in±20°
Individual Toe-in±10°



Kingpin inclination

Trust Angle±5°

Comports: Non-touch wheel measurement units / A set of PC / Measurement softwear / Printer / etc.


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