Diagnostic Software Updates (August, 2021)

Date: 2021-09-24
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1. Added the functions for Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Streams, and Oil Reset for the 2019-2021 GHIBLI, QUATTROPORTE, and 2021 LEVANTE. 

2. Added data stream standard values for systems of 2013-2018 GHIBLI, QUATTROPORTE, and 2016-2020 LEVANTE.

TESLA (V10.05)

1. Added DTCs for some systems of Model S and Model X.

2. Added the following service functions for systems (such as the battery management system, tire pressure monitoring system, drive inverter, and airbag system) of Model 3, Model S, and Model X: reset contactor stress counter U019, clear contactor stress result, learn VIN automatically, reset crash data automatically, reset anti-theft system, read resistance

3. Added the following common service functions: clear airbag crash data, read EEPROM, brake bleeding, calibrate charging door, key learning, key service, AIR service

4. Added the instructions for the airbag crash data reset function of each model.

5. Optimized the car model menu structure. Added the special function menu.

6. Optimized the quick test and system scanning functions.

NISSAN (V44.78)

1. Added the automatic coding function for Nissan NV250, NV400, etc.

2. Added about 1000 actuation tests and special functions (such as idle speed air amount learning, target idle speed adjustment, steering angle sensor adjustment) for 2021 X-TRAIL, ALTIMA/TEANA, QASHQAI, etc.

3. Optimized the ADAS function.

4. Optimized the automatic VIN ID function.

5. Optimized the anti-theft function for old models such as NV200 and BLUEBIRD.

6. Optimized actuation test for the ABS system of PICKUP.

7. Fixed the DTC clearing function bugs for the 2020 X-TRAIL.

8. Fixed the bug with the inaccurate DTC reading description for the 2020 QASHQAI.

TOYOTA (V50.00)

1.Added basic functions such as Read DTCs and Read Data Streams for 2022 Yaris, 86, Corolla Cross, etc.

2. Added the special functions (FC Stack Electric Charge Release, Water Vapor Dilution Control Setting, ECU Data Save, ECU Data Write, Ion Exchanger Maintenance Distance Setting, Disconnect System Function Check) for 2020-2021 Camry, Corolla, etc.

3. Optimized the BSM Beam Axis Adjustment function for 2019-2022 RAV4, Corolla, etc.

4. Optimized the Automatic Camera Adjustment function for 2013-2021 LS460, GS350, etc.


1. Added all functions for the gearbox system 4AT mode of SAGA NFE.

2. Added special functions for systems (such as Engine, AT, ABS, BCM) of ERTIGA.

3. Optimized the data streams and actuation test for systems (such as Engine, ABS, BCM) of PREVE and EXORA BOLD.

4. Fixed the actuation test functions (such as Canister Purge Valve) for the engine system of SAGA NFE.

5. Fixed all special functions for the body system of EXORA BOLD.

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