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X-431 PRO3 APEX is a new generation of 10.1-inch diagnostic scanner with non-slip adjustable stand that applied to various scenes to be used. The product supports the well-rounded diagnosis of all ECUs and show the systems in a topology graph. The VAG guided function of Volkswagen Group can be is also supported for free.
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Support VIN code intelligent identification function, quickly enter the diagnosis

Topology mapping

VAG guided function

FCA SGW AutoAuth

Equipped with a higher version system, larger storage, and longer battery life, making diagnosis faster, more stable and more durable

DBSCAR VII diagnostic connector, support CANFD and DOIP

Wide coverage of car models and systems

Support reading version information, code reading and clearing, reading data stream, active test, coding, matching, etc.

Support tire pressure activation, programming, learning and detection functions with TPMS devices

Support anti-theft programming and functions with X-PROG 3

Multiple expansion modules support: endoscope, BST-360, oscilloscope, sensor, and Wi-Fi printer

Supports 37 special functions such as maintenance lamp reset, throttle valve matching, steering angle reset, brake pad reset, tire pressure reset, etc.


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