What is a gathering of heroes?
Qunyinghui is an application software developed by Shenzhen Yuanzheng Technology Co., Ltd. to release paid tasks
Task release
Each department releases the project or department task through the OA [803d task release] process; You can also select group Yinghui tool to publish tasks in Xindao system. The mission statement must be submitted.
Task execution
Users are concerned about the official account of the "Yuan Zheng family".
Task acceptance
After the task is completed, the user applies for acceptance, which is reviewed and passed by the OA task review process. Task bonus: after the task is approved, the system will automatically trigger the OA payment process to pay the task bonus, and finally close the task.
Task reward
● if the task is accepted successfully, the task issuer will be rewarded with 200 yuan, which will be paid along with the salary.
● the task receiver shall pay labor fees according to the task description and reward rules.
● forward the shared task. If someone receives the task and accepts it successfully, he can get a recommendation bonus of 5% of the total task bonus.
Registered user
● current employees of Yuanzheng ● external invitees ● resigned employees
The in-service personnel of Yuanzheng can't get the task, but they can invite new people to register, forward and share the task and get rewards. Other personnel can do tasks and receive bonuses.
There are many tasks and types. Move your hands
Invite your friends to pay attention
Scan code concerns official account of "Yuan Zheng family"
If you enter qunyinghui, you can make money part-time
What is a gathering of heroes?
More tasks are waiting for you to receive every day. Participate and make you earn every day!