Diagnostic Software Update (November, 2021)
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GM (V48.60)

1. Added or Improved functions for all systems of CHEVROLET 3500 2019 – 2021, 4500 2020 – 2021, 5500 2020 – 2021, 6500 2020 – 2021, 7500 2021, Silverado 4500 2019 – 2021, Silverado 5500 2019 – 2021, and INTERNATIONAL CV515 2019 – 2021.

2. Added or Improved functions for all systems of CHEVROLET 3500 2016 – 2018, 4500 2016 – 2019, 5500 2017 – 2019, 6500 2018 – 2019, Bolt 2021, Corvette 2021 and more models.

3. Added or Improved special functions including Tire Type/Pressure Selection and more for CHEVROLET Caprice in the year of 2014.

4. Added or improved ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) functions including Front view Camera Learn, All Cameras Alignment Learn and more for GMC Sierra in the year of 2016

5. Added or improved special functions including Program Key Fobs, Invalidate All Fobs, Next Available Slot and more for CHEVROLET Captiva in the year of 2008.

6. Fixed the CANFD-Protocol communication bug for some products.



1. Added the Siemens engine clone and Flash&EEPROM data decryption functions for the immobilizer independent software/car model diagnostic software of SIMOS8.5 and SIMOS8.6 VW series.

2. Added the EEPROM data reading (after unpacking) function for the fourth-generation comfort computer of immobilizer independent software/VW model diagnostic software.

3. Added the ECU read/write function for the SIMOS SDI6, SIMOS SDI7, and SIMOS SDI8 Siemens engines.

4. Added ECU reading and writing functions for 5 models of Transmission including MPS6_GEN3, BMWDKG, DKG_G2, DQ200G2 and MPS6 series.


VW (V28.75)

1. Added the online activation function.

2. Added the programming backup/restoration function.



Added the function of Anti-theft Password Reading.



Added the function of Anti-theft Password Reading.



1. Optimized the software.

2. Optimized the variable coding function.



1. Added the Flash&EEPROM data decryption function for one gearbox VL381 of VW series immobilizer independent software/car model diagnostic software.

2. Added the MCU reading/writing function for one RENESAS MCU of BCM2(D70F3381).


SUBARU (V24.80)

1. Added support for 2022MY Legacy/Liberty/Outback.

2. Added the following special functions: Brake Vacuum Pump System Check, Reading of LNT Poisoning Estimated Value, Reading of GPF Learning Value, Simple Calibration of Front Camera, Visual Confirmation.


NISSAN (V44.80)

1. Added basic functions for Venucia, Venucia (532), Venucia D60EV, Venucia T60EV, Venucia E30(BBG), Venucia T70(1.4T), and Venucia T90(1.4T).

2. Added about 400 actuation test functions and special functions (such as millimeter wave radar adjustment, throttle closed position learning, and cooling fan function) for 2021 X-TRAIL, SYLPHY, etc.

3. Optimized the ADAS function.

4. Optimized data for GTR.


FUTIAN (V13.75)

1. Added basic functions and special functions for 22 Engine systems of XIANGLING.

2. Added basic functions and special functions for 21 Engine systems of YULING.


HONDA (V48.10)

1. Added the diagnosis of the electric drive system (IMA) for 2020-2021 new energy car models.

2. Optimized the operation instructions of the ADAS calibration function.

3. Optimized the immobilizer matching function.



1. The basic functions and special functions (SCR,DEF, EVGT...) of some BS6 models are supported (Scorpio, Thar, Boleropickup, Jetto, Supro...).

2. The new systems (MBFM, TCU, TTM, DIS...)of some models are supported.