Review of Launch Overseas Marketing Activities in October
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In October, Launch Overseas marketing activities were carried out under the support of local dealers and customers, aiming to promote the company's automotive diagnostic equipment and to push new products entering the market. As the popular devices of the Launch, the X-431 automotive diagnostic equipment has an irreplaceable position, whose comprehensive diagnostic function has been enthusiastically appraised by customers.


Aiming to maintain the advantages of the diagnostic equipment in the market, Launch has spared no expense to develop new products that adapt to the market. Until October of 2018, Launch Overseas markets have promoted more than 20 new products, including automotive diagnostic equipment (X-431 PADV, X-431 PADIII V2.0), TIT-201 thermal imager, and Pilot series and so on. It’s necessary and urgent to organize the relative product training for our customers, helping them to master the operation skills in the short time. Let us take a look at the wonderful scene!


1. Cape Town Automobile Forum (Oct 17th)

From October 17th to 18th, Launch Middle East dealers participated in the Cape Town Automobile Forum with the products of Launch Company. The forum was launched under the support of Frankfurt (the world's third largest trade show company), mainly to meet the needs of the Western Cape automotive aftermarket and commercial vehicle market. The Launch X-431 PADIII, X-431 PRO series and CRP329 series were showcased at the seminar. We prepared detailed product information and exquisite gifts for customers to welcome every visitor.

Review of Launch Overseas Marketing Activities in October


2. The Product Training Meeting in Brazil (Oct 19th)

Launch headquarters sales manager attended the product training meeting in Brazil to give the dealer’s full support. The CAT-501S Auto transmission cleaner and fluid exchanger and the X-431 PRO series were presented as demonstration products at the training meeting. After the meeting, all the trainers took a group photo, and the hand-in-hand means that Launch Company and the dealers are united to create the best performance.

Review of Launch Overseas Marketing Activities in October


3. Korea Auto Week Show( Oct 19th)

From October 19th to 21st, Launch Korean dealers participated in the four-day Korea Auto Week Show. The vehicle diagnostic equipment of Launch attracted many visitors. The X-431 PRO series, X-431 PADIII automotive diagnostic equipment, DIY automotive diagnostic equipment and the new Pilot series are all on display at this Korea show. The company's diagnostic equipment can cover most of Asia, America, Europe and other models to meet the needs of different customers.


Review of Launch Overseas Marketing Activities in October


4. An Open Day Event in Barceló, Spain

Launch held an open day event in Barceló, Spain, inviting customers to come to the Launch Spanish Company for a field visit, thus help customers fully understand Launch, including the equipment of the Launch and the comprehensive strength of all aspects. At the scene, we showed the customer the operation process of the lift. Launch lifts include 2-post, 4-post, small scissor lift and big scissor. The event of holding the Open Day is of far-reaching significance. It deepens customers’ trust about Launch‘s products and promotes the brand of Launch Company.


Review of Launch Overseas Marketing Activities in October


For Launch, October is a season full of harvest, what wonderful memories we created with our customers will remain in the bottom of our hearts, and we are also grateful to the organizers for setting up a platform and bridge for communication. In November, we will continue to provide more services to our customers around the world. Will there be your city in the list of next stop? Let us wait and see!