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Founded in 1992, Launch Tech Co., has served as a global mainstay in the automotive diagnostics tools and equipment sector for the past three decades. Launch offers a plethora of diagnostic product solutions for the automotive aftermarket. 2022 marks a milestone accomplishment of three plus decades for Launch as the global diagnostics firm celebrates its 30th anniversary.  During this time, Launch has established its presence in the marketplace as a manufacturer that consistently offers the most innovative and progressive automotive diagnostic tools and product solutions.

For the past three decades Launch’s core focus and business strategy has been on product innovation and process improvements for automotive technicians and shops. The commitment to the core business includes the operations of two R&D centers that are located Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. Launch has also established global R&D units in the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and Latin America. This focus on research and development has enabled Launch to own the rights to hundreds of patented technologies and the company has received numerous industry accolades and awards by automotive publications and organizations in China, United States, Germany, etc. 

In 2002, Launch was listed on the Hong Kong GEM board (Stock Code: 8196), and it was also listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited (Stock Code: 2488) in 2011. Launch has established its place as a global diagnostics firm. In 2013, Launch diversified into new product segments such the Internet of Vehicle anticipating the future of vehicle data and connectivity. Additionally, Launch has developed a IoV chipset protocol, and a series of IoV smart hardware, introducing the world’s first remote auto diagnostic function.

As 2022 marks the thirty-year anniversary, and the operations of Launch have been put in perspective, the drive and emphasis on automotive diagnostic technology has enabled Launch to derive production lines of auto diagnostics, testing, maintenance, lifts, etc. This diversification of the product portfolio has enabled Launch to be one of the few automotive diagnostics manufacturers that can boast the claim of an all-encompassing product suite that serves automotive technicians and service and repair facilities throughout the globe. Furthermore, the product suite of the Launch X-431 series scan tools has become the most recognized and usable products in the industry due to the extensive features of the newest technologies.


With the 30-year milestone as a company that has been on the forefront of innovation, service and quality, Launch attributes its success to its shareholders, clients, and users of its products. 30 years in the market place has enabled Launch to identify the service needs of its clients and customer and the company has utilized all its resources to strive to meet these needs via technology and commitment by offering the highest quality products that are relevant and usable. This ambition is in sync with the company’s motto of “Create-Change”, which focuses on innovation, quality, efficiency, professionalism while empowering the spirit of a work ethic that makes a difference in the world.

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