Important Updates on LAUNCH Diagnostic Scan Tools in December 2023
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LAUNCH's latest updates for diagnostic scan tools will help technicians enhance repair processes and discover more capabilities of your scanners. Here's what you should know:

1. IMMO Diagnosis Add-on Kit on MALL:     

The new IMMO Diagnosis Add-on Kit is now accessible for a range of comprehensive X-431 scan tools, including the X-431 PAD VII LINK, X-431 PAD V LINK, X-431 PRO3 LINK, X-431 PRO3 SE, and more. Upon purchase, the end users are required to download the corresponding apps via the upgrade center. The vehicle diagnostic software(s) will then seamlessly integrate into the “Local Diagnosis/IMMO” menu for easy access.

(The IMMO kit softwares are available for subscriptions on the X-431 PRO3 LINK scan tool.)

(The downloaded IMMO diagnostic softwares appear under the “IMMO” menu.)

2. Integration of ES200 EV Insulation Resistance Tester:

Featuring measuring insulation resistance and increasing the voltage measurement function, the ES200 EV Insulation Resistance Tester has been seamlessly incorporated into the Toolbox menu across various X-431 diagnostic scan tools, such as X-431 PAD VII LINK, X-431 PAD V LINK, X-431 PRO3 LINK, X-431 PRO3 SE, X-431 PRO SE, X-431 IMMO PAD, and X-431 IMMO PRO. The ES200 ensures heightened safety for maintenance personnel engaged in repairing and diagnosing EV models.

3. Introduction of CAN ANALYZE in X-431 PRO3 LINK & X-431 PRO5:

LAUNCH has introduced CAN ANALYZER in X-431 PRO3 LINK and X-431 PRO5, now accessible within the Toolbox. A USB cable is required for technicians to establish communication between X-431 scan tools and your Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI), enabling utilization of this newly integrated feature.

These updates underscore LAUNCH's commitment to empowering technicians with cutting-edge tools and functionalities, facilitating more efficient and comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and repairs.