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X-431 Key Programmer
X-431 Key Programmer
X-431 Key Programmer
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X-431 Key Programmer

X-431 Key Programmer with 4 Chip Keys are accessories for LAUNCH X-431 Diagnostic tablets. The Key Programmer helps identify the chip keys of the vehicles and the the remote control frequency of the chip keys, and help generate various types of chip models. Besides, 4 Chip Keys are LS (Nissan 4 buttons Smart card), LE (Ford 4 buttons Flip key), LN (Peugeot DS 3 buttons Flip key), and LK (Volkswagen 3 buttons Flip key) series wireless remote products separately.
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  • Super Chips: Support the conversion of most car model chip types, and support separate matching to achieve vehicle startup. Support chips of the 8A, 8C, 8E, 4C, 4D, 4E, 48, 7935, 7936, 7938, 7939, 11/12/13 types.

  • LS series Nissan super remotes: generate corresponding keys for one click start smart key models

  • LN series DS super remote: for car models with electronic chip keys or the 11/12/13/7936/7937/7947/7946 chips

  • LE series Ford super remotes (LK series VW remotes with the super chip): for car models without electronic chip keys or car models with the 46, 48, 4D/70, 83, 8A/H, G, 4E, 11/12/13/4C, 42, 33, 47, 8C, 8C chips

  • LK series VW remotes: for car models without anti-theft chips


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