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Date: May 31 to June 2

Place: Minsk

More than 200 specialists from all over the country took part in the Competition of SERVICE MASTER 2018.   Launch, as the sponsor of this activities, was full participated the SERVICE MASTER 2018.  The final winners were awarded with Launch powerful diagnostic scanners.


The Competition was renowned as the annual Republican specialized competition among specialists in repair and maintenance of automobile transport. It is high honor that Launch has this opportunity to attend.

The Competition was separated into three stages: qualifying stage, semifinal and final. All participators must to pass it step by step.

The qualifying stage was held remotely with the help of a specialized professional simulator of the Dutch development ELECTUDE, which is used to train technicians and engineer’s famous automotive brands. There are 191 contestants who attended the qualifying stage of Competition, which divided into four categories. After a round of selection, only 107 contestants got the access to the semifinals. This part is designed to given the opportunity to get acquainted with the functionality of the program before starting testing.

All contestants were representatives of car services and technical service stations, commercial and public institutions with their own car park, workshops and educational institutions.

The semifinal was held in the form of written testing. Participants had to answer 30 questions, each of which could contain several answers, and car diagnosticians have only 1 correct answer.

In the semifinal, we had nominated "junior car service" (17 contestants);Car electrician" (30 contestants);Car mechanic" (24 contestants); "Car diagnostician" (36 contestants).

In the final of the Competition, in each category were 6 specialists. Each of them was equipped with special clothes with the logo of the sponsor LAUNCH. What’s the difference about the final is the contestants worked with real cars, real equipment and tools, and performed real tasks.


In the practical task for the contestants of the categories "Junior car service" And "Car mechanic" required to perform maintenance of the car VW. The only difference between the conditions of the practical stage of the above nominations was that the Juniors were not required to make an external inspection of the car and give an opinion about the detected faults or shortcomings of the car.

In the practical task for the contestants of the nomination "Car electrician" on the provided cars of VW and NISSAN brands it was required to diagnose and eliminate 4 faults connected with the car electrics and the 5th task it was required to make full computer diagnostics of all electronic systems of cars. On performance of a task 40 minutes were given.

In the practical task for the contestants of the nomination "Car diagnosis" on the provided cars of VW and Mercedes-Benz brands it was required to diagnose and eliminate 1 faults. On performance of a task 40 minutes were given.

Having passed a difficult qualifying stage, semifinal and having solved difficult problems in the final, the winners of the SERVICE MASTER 2018 Contest were in the nomination of "Junior car service” "Car electrician” “Car mechanic” and "Car diagnostician”. Each nomination finally has three winners from 1 place to 3 places.


The finalists were awarded valuable prizes and gifts from the organizers of the Competition and partner companies. LAUNCH awarded the winners of the “Car diagnostician” with CRP series diagnostic scanners: CRP329 for 1st place and CRP129 / 123 Premium for 2nd and 3rd place.

SERVICE MASTER 2018 also provided us wonderful business forums, at which the most important problem issues of modern car service were considered. Each report was devoted to the most serious issues faced by the modern service of car services and caused a lot of heated discussions. Of course, various options for solving issues related to the search and development of qualified personnel were demonstrated.  A lot of heated discussions also are talked in the forums.

No less interesting was the exhibition, where the partner companies demonstrated their products and services. It was possible to see almost the entire list of professional diagnostic multiband equipment used in the CIS market, including LAUNCH, TEXA, and BOSCH and so on.


This is not all that could be learned, seen, heard and tried at the annual specialized competition among specialists of service centers SERVICE MASTER 2018. Actually, it provided us a good way to gather the peer in diagnostic industry.  

The competition not only arise the attention of young generation, but also help to improve their capability of diagnosis. Valuable forums remind us that there are so many issues and problems need us to solve.

Launch, as a worldwide known professional automobile scanner manufacturers, we have the duty to cope with these issue, coworker with other big companies to enhance the situation.