LAUNCH VIN/Crash Cube Product Training in Minsk
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On 21-23 March, LAUNCH VIN/Crash Cube product training was took place in Minsk, designing to provide an opportunity for specialists. The event was co-organized by Launch-CIS and SenSys Academy.

The training was conducted as part of the training of forensic experts, who bought recently two Launch VIN Cubes, helping them to use this equipment more effectively in their work. This training can be considered as the first stage of the new equipment explore. We’re confident that the fact that the devices VIN/Crash Cube will be widely used in the Committee Republican departments in the near future.
       Mr. Jože Škrilec, one of the leading European specialists in the field of investigation of road traffic incidents, was invited as a coach for a 6 students group. He is the euDARTS certified expert with great practical experience. It is our honor to have this opportunity to communicate with him. Meantime, hundreds of the forensic reports made by the order of the police and insurance companies in many European countries, which was especially important for our audience. After all, the listeners-experts were not only interested in theoretical but also in working moments from their usual practice. Their questions such as to understand what to do with the data that can be extracted from the electronic control blocks, how to interpret them correctly and how to build on this further conclusions, etc.

LAUNCH VIN/Crash Cube Product Training in Minsk

A short 3-day course have been covered many topics that benefit the experts to think and exchange ideas.  The course disclosed in sufficient detail and special practical classes on real cars, allowing demonstrating the capabilities of the equipment, testing it in work. During the course, the listeners-experts also introduced several difficult situations for example in case of severe damage and/or subsequent fire of the vehicle when it's physically impossible to read data through the OBD-connector. In such cases, you should contact the ECU(s) manufacturer(s) in order to they read the binary data directly from the memory chips which of course takes more time (up to 2 weeks) and significantly increases the examination cost.

However, the course can’t cover all the issues that arise in the expert's regular work. The fact is that the VIN Cube takes up only 5-10% of the total load. Just one or two kinds of tools in the market can’t solve all problems in the practice. The rest of the crude work is done by using Crash Cube and other tools. Most of tools allow you to read raw information from the control units, containing in the form of the so-called freeze frame or the snapshots of the values of the main current engine parameters fixed at the time when the DTC appear.

On the second and third days of study, students together with the coach held a master class in the SenSys auditorium as to analyze the specific cases that they met today at the service center. It is the fast way to improve their profession ability and share their opinion.

The communication in an informal FAQ mode made everyone more relaxed while the specialists understood each other at the applied level.  On the last day, Mr. Škrilec congratulated the students to complete the VIN/Crash Cube training course and handed them personal certificates under friendly applause.


LAUNCH VIN/Crash Cube Product Training in Minsk

In turn, according to our Belarusian colleague’s feedback, he highly appraises of this training and its undoubted benefit of the exchange of experience in this format.  Of course, the success of this training is the result of all concerted effort, such as thank to Mr. Škrilec, who shared lots of useful information for the exploration of new equipment and further improvement of their professional skills. And also express our appreciation of the active support of Mr. L. Wasniewski from Launch-Europe.