Launch Impresses at Local Scan Tool Shootout??
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Launch Impresses at Local Scan Tool Shootout??

    Launch Tech USA participated in a scan tool shootout last May 21st in San Diego, Ca. The event was held at John's Automotive and was hosted by the ASCCA. In total, there were over 25 shop owners, 12 technicians and even some technical school instructors.
    This event, dubbed the "Scan Tool Shoot-out", was an opportunity for the members to get a first hand, up close experience with the latest scan tools in the aftermarket. There where 4 manufacturers who attended: Snap-on, with the Verus Pro, Bosch/OTC with the Genisys Touch, AutoLogic and Launch Tech USA, representing the Matco Maximus. The members formed small groups of 4-5 and rotated from factory station every 15-20 minutes.
    Some highlights of the show included all scan tool manufacturers having the opportunity to connect live to a vehicle supplied by the event host. Snap-on brought a Ford, Bosch/OTC brought a GM, Autologic a VW, and Launch Tech, a Honda. Launch, with the Maximus, was the ONLY company with the ability to work on 2 vehicle systems - a Honda and GM - at the same time! We where connected to the Honda via the new DBScar Bluetooth connector, and to the GM via our JBOX programming module set-up with GM software. This allowed us to Multi-Task from live graphing of sensors on the Honda, to pulling VIN info, calibration files, and codes from the GM engine controllers.
    Several shop owners stated that Launch Tech USA is indeed pushing the envelope of diagnostics to a higher level, which is need for today's vehicles.