2014 - 01 - 21
J2534box (GM Version) Car ECU programming and diagnostic module has been officially released to market on Jan. 2nd, 2014.   Product Features: 1.  Work as a functional module of X-431 PAD to advance the competence of X-431 PAD. Can be connected with PC to program J2534. 2.  Support diagnostic functions of all X-431 PAD diagnostic protocols, working as a diagnostic module. 3.  Support ECU programming in automaker's protocols of CAN/ISO 15765, Ford SCP (J1850PWM), GMClass 2 (J1850VPW), Chrysler SCI (J2610) and KWP2000 (ISO9141/14230). 4.  J2534box...
2013 - 12 - 24
To: Launch Domestic & Oversea Market, To meet domestic and oversea market demand for diagnostic product, and take the cost of production, development and maintenance as well as company's 2013 product layout into consideration, it is hereby decided by Diagnostic Product Line IPMT to stop production of the products listed in below table. Please be well prepared. Diagnostic Product Stop Production Table No. Product Name Product Code ...
2013 - 12 - 13
Done best for your cars November 30, 2013 grand Creader V+ is a high-quality and inexpensive Code reader for low-end DIY market. It implements full functions of OBDII with the terminal guidance price at only 56 US dollars, which has six silicone control keys, high resolution color screen, and network upgrade function via high speed USB interface, providing a majority of DIY customers with real help and benefits. Creader V+ Product Functions: For all 96 & newer domestic & foreign cars, SUVs & light trucks (Communicate with all OBDII protocols/CAN compliant) View & ...
2013 - 11 - 07
Launch Tech USAis pleased to announce that it has won the prestigious Motor Top 20 Tools Award for its CReader Pro 129. This is the company??s third consecutive year of winning the title, bringing the total to four Motor Top 20 Tools awards for the global leader in diagnostics. The CReader Pro 129 was recognized by Motor Magazine??s editorial staff for its overall uniqueness and ??Wow?? factor, along with the innovation and effectiveness it brings to todays technician. "We designed the CRP-129 as a response to technicians needing factory tool level functionality for specific critical ...
2013 - 11 - 05
Global Link officially Open Dear Gents: We now with great honor to announce the official opening of Global Link, as Launch Dealers Service Platform, on Nov. 5th! Global Link as a commonly shared platform with dealers, facilitates communication worldwide, and tightens the relationship with dealers wherever they are. Underneath is the introduction of the Global Link on a whole:   Product Information Latest Product news Improvements ...
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