2019 - 06 - 21
The hot summer come with quiet, the weather of Shenzhen is sometimes bright and sunny, sometimes bursts of rain, changes like a child. 2019 has passed half of the year, looking back what we have achieved in the lists of annual plan, Beijing Auto Exhibition, Australia AAAE Exhibition, Italian Auto Maintenance Exhibition, 2019 Launch Overseas Distributors Meeting... This June, Automechanika Dubai hit the Dragon Boat Festival, destined to be different from the past. The Automechanika Dubai 2019 show was successfully held at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Jun...
2019 - 06 - 11
In the early summer, it is not hot enough but the fire of enthusiasm from Launch had already ignited in the Latin American. Hundreds of customers from 17 countries were reunited in Panama City to join us the 6th Launch Summit Panama. The annual meeting was officially kicked off at 8:30 in Panama on May 14th. This meeting was divided into four parts: the opening ceremony, the product training& product demonstration, the party and the Panama Canal travel. With much appreciation to the customers who came from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and other countries.Did You Access to the Mee...
2019 - 06 - 06
Through over 27 years of development, with the joint efforts of all distributors, LAUNCH is constantly expanding the territory of its overseas market. As an important event, the annual distributor meeting is an indispensable opportunity for LAUNCH to gathering its dealers and get closer to each other. At the beginning of summer 2019, Launch held the 23rd LAUNCH Overseas Distributor Meeting in Xi’an China. Over 140 distributors from 6 continents attend this annual event. In the morning of May 28th, the one-week Overseas Distributor Meeting is announced to open. On behalf of Launch, the CEO Char...
2019 - 05 - 17
Automec 2019 was held in Sao Paulo from 23 rd  to 27th April, which has exhibited 11 times successfully and one of the leading fairs of its kind in Latin America. Whereas hundreds of worldwide customers were attracted by Launch‘s powerful and comprehensive products. The most impressed parts of the exhibition are Launch splendid decoration, plus advanced diagnostic technology.  Launch had showcased innovations and solutions in the areas of diagnosis, inspection, spare parts and maintenance and so on. The lists are included X-431 PADV,X-431 PADIII, X-431 PRO3/PRO, X-931 Wheel Aligner, ...
2019 - 04 - 12
I have to say that March is the carnival of member of the automotive aftermarket; the international exhibition was held one after another where made people flow back and forth. Motortec Automechanika Madrid 2019 (March 13 to 16), 2019 Beijing AUTO MAINTENANCE & REPAIR EXPO (March 21 to 24), Automechanika KUALA LUMPUR 2019 was held in the same period. It is hardly to say that the customers can have the opportunity to visit each exhibition. However, no matter where you are and Launch Company is waiting for you in the booth. Let's first take a look about Malaysian Exhibition!The Automecha...
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