2013 - 09 - 05
EasyDiag Released Into the Market EasyDiag is a personal vehicle trouble diagnostic tool developed by launch for vehicle maintenance technician, students and DIY car owners. EasyDiag is a product developed under a time that APP application enjoys a wide market as the internet develops at a high speed along with the mobile intelligent terminal?? widely spread and functions?? constant expanding. Based on the rapid development of the mature oversea DIY market, domestic car owner and maintenance market, EasyDiag, aims at vehicle trouble diagnostic tool??s reform and innovation, breaking throu...
2013 - 09 - 05
In August the Office and dealers DBScar product line training started , the Sydney was conducted on the 22nd and the members welcome the new technology but still gave a reserve feedback to how to go about selling the EasyDiag and iDiag products. After the training and displaying a complete product demonstration on how the DBScar , Idiag, Pro and Easydiag work together and could be used to boost workshop advertising and away to generate workflow also dealers could be become service centres . After this point the staff displayed more interest in the new lines. Training for IAME an well kn...
2013 - 09 - 05
The Cornwell Western Mini Rally was held in Las Vegas,Nevadaon August 24th. Over 80 Cornwell dealers from surrounding states showed up to see the latest products from over 30 vendors. The Launch booth was busy at all times as dealers were drawn to the new products ?C some seeing the X-431 PAD Scan Tool and CReader Pro line of code scanners for the first time. The CReader Pro 129 made its official debut to the Cornwell dealers at this show ?C and boy did it impress! With an MSRP of $499.95 and the capability to do SAS, EPB and Oil Service resets, dealers were very excited to see the CRP129 a...
2013 - 08 - 09
Statements on Recognizing Counterfeit and Shoddy Products
2013 - 08 - 09
X431 Onekey Upgrade Tool Released
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