2013 - 12 - 13
Done best for your cars November 30, 2013 grand Creader V+ is a high-quality and inexpensive Code reader for low-end DIY market. It implements full functions of OBDII with the terminal guidance price at only 56 US dollars, which has six silicone control keys, high resolution color screen, and network upgrade function via high speed USB interface, providing a majority of DIY customers with real help and benefits. Creader V+ Product Functions: For all 96 & newer domestic & foreign cars, SUVs & light trucks (Communicate with all OBDII protocols/CAN compliant) View & ...
2013 - 09 - 05
EasyDiag Released Into the Market EasyDiag is a personal vehicle trouble diagnostic tool developed by launch for vehicle maintenance technician, students and DIY car owners. EasyDiag is a product developed under a time that APP application enjoys a wide market as the internet develops at a high speed along with the mobile intelligent terminal?? widely spread and functions?? constant expanding. Based on the rapid development of the mature oversea DIY market, domestic car owner and maintenance market, EasyDiag, aims at vehicle trouble diagnostic tool??s reform and innovation, breaking throu...
2013 - 08 - 09
Statements on Recognizing Counterfeit and Shoddy Products
2013 - 08 - 09
X431 Onekey Upgrade Tool Released
2013 - 05 - 16
By the guidance of LAUNCH IPD system, and passing through 6 months strict development, verification and improvement, BST Series Battery System Testers have passed the system test, reliability verification, FCC/CE/GOST certifications, and been trialed out by more than 20 domestic and overseas branches and offices according to the corresponding requirements of LAUNCH IPD system. Now, BST Series Battery System Testers have been put into the market on 15th April, 2013.     BST Series Battery System Testers are mainly including two models: BST-460 Battery System Tester (Affordab...
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